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How To "V" Groove A Drywall Butt Joint.

Even for the drywall pros one of the most difficult part of the trade is to finish a butt-joint.

The butt joint are the joint where two non-tapered ends of drywall meet on a stud or a backer board.

The tapered joint provide a recess for the drywall tape and the joint compound.

The butt joint on the other hand require a build up of drywall compound.

It is imperative that all the butt joint are staggered during the installation.

The butt joint need extra care before taping.

The lose drywall paper must be peel off the butt joint.

Using a blade cut both side of the joint in a V shape.

Clear the V groove of any debris and pre-fill with a fast set dry mix like Plaster of Paris.

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