How long does it take to install the drywall in a house ?

A 2 men crew can install 3000 sq f of drywall per day in a house. A 3 bedroom house should take 2 to 3 days including the clean up.

How long does it take to finish and sand the drywall in a house ?

Providing adequate temperature an experience drywall finisher should finish a 3 bedroom house within a week.

Do you supply all the materials ?

Yes, all materials are supplied but a deposit might be required.

Do you repair plaster ?

Yes, We have experience in fixing plaster.

What type of Drywall are you using ?

We use CGC Ultra light drywall on walls and ceiling unless specified otherwise. We use backer tile board in showers and mold tough drywall on ceilings.

What kind of drywall compound are you using ?

USG or CGC brand product.

What level of finish do you perform ?

We do a Level 4 finish. Level 5 is a premium for wall and ceilings.

What type of corner are you using ?

We use NO-COAT laminated drywall corners for square corners . We use Trim-Tex for bullnose and arch corners.

Do you offer painting services ?

No, We do not offer painting but know good painters and can recommend the right company.

How much is a sheet of drywall ?

4x8 sheet is around 11 plus tax.CAN