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How to Soundproof a Room,Basement,Ceiling or a Wall?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020


How to reduce noise from one floor to another or a room to another. Whether you live in a house, apartment or condo, noise from other floors can become a major problem.

The solution is to Improve the soundproofing of your floors ,ceilings or walls.

What Should you use?

Insulation between the floor joist or wall studs.

Resilient channels is also a key component.{not wood strapping}

5/8 Drywall at least one layer but 2 layers would help even more.

Installing these components correctly is critical to succeed.

Standard insulation is as good as mineral wool, and much less expensive.

Foams are actually poor for soundproofing.

Resilient channels Indispensable?

Resilient channels is a thin metal strapping that is designed to improve the sound prior to the installation of drywall on walls and ceilings.

The channels separate the drywall from the framing which reduce the sound waves considerably.

The resilient channels should be installed 16" on centre and do not over lap more than 4" to facilitate the drywall installation.

Available at your local Home Depot.


Install 5/8 drywall one or two layers great for soundproofing and the fire code.

If installing more than a layer make sure to stagger all the seems.

Tape,Coat,Skim,Sand,Prime and Paint.

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