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Could Robots Install Drywall?

Could Robots Hang Drywall?

The Japanese Advanced Industrial Science and Technology release this video 6 months ago of the HRP-5P.

In this video the robot steps up to a drywall pile picks up a drywall sheet and flip it.

Then you can see HRP-5P walking to the partition wall and screwing the drywall with his screw gun arm.

AIST imagines the HRP-5P being used in the construction industry in response to Japan’s aging population and it's construction skilled trade shortages.

Could it be done?

Maybe in a pre-fab facility or a commercial building layout. But in residential I don't think so.

In the video the robot install the sheet in the middle of the wall and set it right on the floor and What about the 2 ' gap at the top of the wall.

Installing drywall requires thinking, measuring, cutting windows, doors, electrical outlets, using step ladders and stairs.

Not to mention the debris and drywall dust.

I think it is a great accomplishment but the drywall trade is safe for now. #drywall,#drywallrobot,

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