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5 Tips on How To Perform a Drywall Takeoff.

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

To complete the task you will require these 4 items.

  1. Measuring tape

  2. Marker

  3. Mobile device

  4. Drywall App

Tip #1 - Measuring and Marking

Starting with the ceiling, measure and mark the drywall board size needed on the door frame.

Measure and mark on the walls the lenght of the drywall needed.

Drywall is available in lenght of 8,9,10,12,14,16 ft X 48"or 54" high.

Mark the walls like a fraction 12/8. 12 being the top sheet and 8 is the bottom one.

Walls that need more than 2 sheets will simply be marked with 2 fraction." 12/8,8/12".

Usually the top sheet is the same as the bottom one but it's not the case if a wall has a door frame.

Tip #2 - Using Less Sheets Could Save you Money.

If a wall is 5 ft mark 10, if the wall is 6 ft order a 12. Using this method you should save a few sheets on your order and at the same time save money and the back of the delivery personel.

Tip #3 - Stand up Installation.

Consider marking 8 or 9 on a wall less than 4 ft in lenght.

You would save a seem and money for 2 reasons.

  1. Seems need to be tape and mud that requires more time and material.

  2. Assuming your walls are 9 ft high 54" drywall is more expensive than 48".

We propose this tip to save money but do not recommend a stand up drywall installation on a wall longer than 4 ft for a residential wood framing wall composition.

Tip #4 - Use your Drywall Cut Off .

Meaning when a wall or ceiling is 13 ft you still mark it 12.

You will have drywall cut off you will use them.

  1.  Closet door jambs if you are installing bifold doors or sliding doors.

  2.  Door frames and headers.

  3.  Window returns.

Tip 5- Download the Drywall App.

Click image to download your FREE TRIAL NOW.

The Drywall App is very easy to use.

  1. Create your account

  2. Create new takeoff.

  3. Select your building Type.

  4. Enter job information.

  5. Choose your drywall category.

  6. Enter your drywall sizes and the dynamic app calculator will add the square footage and create a PDF spreadsheet ready for your drywall order and estimation.

  7. Generate a quick quote spreadsheet by just adding your price per sq ft.

  8. Past Orders are a just click away.

The Drywall App is designed for the home owner and for the Drywall Contractor.

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