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What Type of Drywall Corner Bead Should You Use?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

First,let's introduce the different type of corner beads available out there.

There is metal corners,paper face beads.laminated beads and plastic beads.

After being in the drywall business for 30 years I have use them all.

I will try to explain why I recommend to use certain type of corner beads in different situation.

Perhaps you might like the bull nose beads then I would suggest you to use the plastic bull nose manufactured by Trim -Tex .

Why ?

Damage Control

I find that if you hit the corner bead accidently, it 's like a bumper it will bounce back and take back it's original shape.

You can't do that with the paper face bull nose because it has metal in it.

Sanding Control

A Bullnose corner bead has a definite line on each side ,this line is where the corner gets fill with drywall compound.

When sanding and coating the drywall taper must use this line as a gauge for filling and sanding.

When filling up the bullnose corner bead the drywall taper will clean the excess of mud on the rounded part of the bead with his putty knife.

Any excess of compound that is left on the rounded part of the bull nose bead has to be sanded and when you sand paper it rolls and get damage . If you sand the plastic you are just removing the compound with no damage to the bull nose bead.

Straight Corner Bead

When it comes to any straight corner beads either 90 ,135 degree inside or outside I would strongly recommend laminated corners by No-Coat.

They are wider wich is making it easier to work with and are laminated with silicone .

It is one of the most advance corner bead available on the market.

I will suggest to buy them in sticks and not in rolls because it is much easier to keep a stick straight than to unrolling it out of a box.

Another option that I like is AquaBead by Certainteed.

AquaBead® is an easy-to-apply, water-activated,self-adhesive drywall corner that doesn’t blister, bubble, dent or crack. AquaBead installs quickly since the adhesive paper is water-activated, contractors can apply it using only a spray bottle.

AquaBead is more for the pros I do not recommended for the DIY.


For these types of corner beads I will have to go with Trim -Tex .

The arch bead is install with their spray on contact glue or drywall compound. It follows any contours very well if properly install.


I do not recommend the use of cheap metal corner beads to any of my clients, they crack and shrink no matter What you install them with,staples,nails,screws or clincher.

As they say seeing is beleiving so watch our videos !!!


Sylvio Giroux

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