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10 Easy Steps to Repair a Hole in the Wall.

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

hole in drywall
Hole in Drywall

You will need a few tools and a bit of material.

Drywall tools.
Drywall tools

Tools & Material

Drywall cutting blade

Drywall taping knife

Screwdriver or Drill


Measuring tape

Tape or Fibafuse

Drywall compound


Drywall srews

Wood for backing

hole in drywall
Hole in drywall

This hole was cause during the drywall delivery .

As you can see in the picture on the right it is too big of a hole to be covered by a piece of tape .

Adding backing to drywall
Adding backing to drywall

Step 1

Measure the size of the hole.

Step 2

Cut the hole in a square or rectangular shape.

Step 3

Add backing to each side of the hole.

Screw it in place in the drywall.

replacing drywall
replacing drywall

Step 4

Cut a drywall piece 1/4 inch smaller than your hole.

Step 5

Screw it to the backing .

Fiba Fuse
Fiba fuse

Step 6

Embed paper tape or Fibafuse over the seams.

In this example I use a 6 inch Fibafuse and only had to use a single piece.

Fiba Fuse
Fiba Fuse

Step 7

Remove all the excess of compound swipe it clean and neat .

Let it dry .

Skim Patch
Skim patch

Step 8

Using a trowel or taping knife add a thin coat of drywall compound.

Let it dry.

Step 9

Sand edges with a block sander and repeat Step 8.

Sanding drywall
Sanding Sponge

Step 10

Sand your final skim coat with a sanding sponge with a very fine grit.

Et voila ! It should be ready to prime.

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