U.F.O Unique For Office Drywall Bulkheads

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

These Drywall bulkheads look great in a Medical office,Dental office or any office waiting room where the ceiling is high and unfinished .

The Drywall bulkhead is a ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in .

They are all over our homes and business.

Our clients frequently ask us to build drywall bulkheads.

Bulkheads are usually used to cover something like drain pipes, electrical , duct work, exhaust fans or vacuum pipes. They become part of the design when creating media rooms and office spaces and work well for lighting features or built-in speaker .

In certain case they are simply for architectural design .

Build with light gauge steel stud by a Drywall Mechanic these Drywall bulkheads can be prefab or build on site.

Using a flexible steel stud track for framing any round arch or s shape become a possibility.

To drywall these curved shapes we use two layer of 1/4 ' drywall .

Drywall finishers must use flexible corner beads to finish these shapes.

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